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It’s a beautiful thing when you’ve raised an incredible person. I made a young woman with twice my sass and a million times the courage.

She’s fire.

She called me tonight and set my ass straight. We were talking and she stopped and said:

LR- What are you doing?

J- Uh… texting.


J- Uh… no comment.

LR- NO! BAD DOG! I feel like driving home just to spray you in the face with some water.

J- Ouch. Well why is he texting me??

LR- Because games are fun to play, mom. You know what you say when he texts you? “Who dis?” cause you deleted his ass.

J- I know.

LR- No, obviously you don’t know. You’re being a Brenda. I’m gonna make an Amber Alert for his ass to tell him to fuck off and leave you alone. How’s he gonna feel about his name in big bold letters, telling him to stop texting me Mum. I’m about to slide into his DM’s but it’s not going to be a good time.


LR- NO. We’re tired of listening to you bitch, Brenda. This has to stop. You really wanna go for round three? Haven’t felt bad enough, huh?

J- Alright.

LR- Don’t be a Brenda. Do like Elsa, and let his ass go.

J- Ok.

It’s impossible to argue with brilliance. ♥





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