A Man amongst Boys.

The Farmer walks in carrying flowers, smiling at me with rosy cheeks. He’s shy…and for the first time, I realize that he really likes me. He’s not boring, he’s pumping his breaks and praying for salvation. He’s killing himself being a gentleman and after being consistently disrespected by the man I want most… that counts for a whole lot.

I’ve given him nothing but the pleasure of my company and a few dozen text messages and he would go to the ends of the earth to spend a few hours laughing with me while he wines and dines me to my heart’s content.

It’s deliciously respectful, bold, brave, and gentlemanly behavior in this era of douchebags and assholes…and he’s the youngest guy I’ve dated in years.

Thirteen years my junior, he carries himself with the calm confidence of an armed man. I have to admit that I wonder where his gun is, more than what he kisses like.

I hate to admit it… but I’m the fish that gets away.

However, this man is patient and in it for the long fight. He’s not in a rush. He’s quietly pursuing me with the respect of a monk. I have to admit I’m both bored and intrigued. Not sure what to think and wishing Mr. Favorite could give him some pointers.

Or that I were sitting across from my Favorite, for that matter. Sigh. 😦

I had a lunch date with a cardiologist last week. A most lecherous doctor. I don’t know what possessed me to agree to it, but it was definitely interesting to have lunch with a brazen carnivore again.

Dr. M- You’re delicious.

J- hahahahaha….

My Favorite has been asexual for awhile, where he used to be a most intoxicating predator. I’ve missed his attention and you’d think this would do it for me. It sure doesn’t. I can’t figure out how to extricate myself from this date, so I stayed for the story.

Dr. M- You work at home?

J- No. In the garment industry.

Dr. M- What’s a garmit?

I need that wide eyed emoji… because that’s what I looked like. How so many stupid men make it through med school, I’ll never know. This one is a front runner for first place, idiot division. I finished my cider, thanked him and told him I had to get back to work.

Dr. M- Don’t go back to work. Let’s hang!

J- Gotta go! Thanks again.

I walked around the block and he was gone and headed out of town. I went back in, sat down and ordered lunch.

Problem solved.

Life is too damn short to date stupid men…

… the jury is still out on the Farmer.

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