Revenge Body

One look at him and he lights me on fire with his pretty brown eyes. There’s nothing platonic about the way he meets my silent challenge.

Come here. I dare you“… are the unspoken words between us.

There’s a reason I can’t kick this habit, and it’s because he knows things I don’t want to have to ask for. He’s a cartographer and I want my map back if he’s not going to use it.

So many men are intimidated by confident, powerful women, and I’m disappointed that he’s one of them. Either that or he’s forgotten that women who rule the world, relish the opportunity to hand over the reigns, once in a while. He delights in my suffering and I want to strangle him as much as I want him naked.

He’s the biggest thorn in my side and the reason I’m crippling myself with Beachbody on Demand. I don’t like hearing no, and if it’s one thing I’m good at, it’s getting my way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a brat; I’m extremely driven and twice as stubborn.

He may forever be the no that makes my heart the saddest, but I will forever be the please that makes him the hardest.

I don’t mind losing, but there will be equal suffering. I’m drinking the worst tasting energy and protein shakes. I’m up at 4, planking, lunging and melting my bone-deep frustration, off. Shaun T may break my body in the process, but he’s helping me locate my favorite deadly weapon.


My beach body is just 58 horrible days away, according to the video and assuming I survive the Insanity workouts. Stairs are intensely painful and have to lower myself down into my chair with my arms. Everything hurts, which tells me its working and I just have to push through the agony of it all.

Because it may hurt me now, but I will make damn sure it hurts him later.


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