No Mas Tinder James

I’m so patient, I need an intervention because the amount of time I can quietly wait is more liability than life skill. I’ve been buried up to my eyeballs in stress, trying to finalize a new hire at work AND getting my ass LITERALLY handed to me via Insanity with Shaun T, every morning. I’m wearing thin and see a snap on the horizon.

The Tinder boys are a sad reminder of the state of the male population these days. Tinder Scott wants a selfie constantly. I am not that girl. I’m not interested enough to pretend I am.

Tinder James is in a league all his own. I don’t know what to say. Read for yourself. PS. We have not had a first date…. (nor will we).

























I can’t even deal with this guy. The sheer amount of text messages, drives me nuts. Yawn factor aside, let’s stop and address the dismembered heads in his freezer AND his decision to send them to me out of context. I realize I’m being an asshole, and should say something… but where would I even begin? What purpose would it serve?


It happens to the best of us, James.

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