30 Days of Truth, Day 6

Day 6 — Something you hope you never have to do.

I’ve been singing the same song for a week straight. In the shower, in the car, at work… I get stuck that way when I’m inspired.

“You already know that you’re my weakness, after all this time I’m just as nervous… every time you walk into the room….. I’m speechless”

The Dumpling is singing along with me at this point.

“You take the breath out of my lungs, can’t even fight it, and all of the words out of my mouth without even trying, and I’m speechless.”

It’s dangerously close to country… which I don’t enjoy. However… these boys are putting my poor tortured situation to music and I’d rather sing about my suffering than face it.

“I think that you can read my mind… cause when you look at me with those eyes… I’m speechless”

I sat down to write last night and fired up Dan & Shay so they could sing my favorite song to me softly in the background while I whine about the source of my torment, again. My laptop wants me to watch videos, not listen to music so it’s forever providing links to videos that match the music I’m playing on repeat.

Up pops my favorite and my eyes widen.

Oh no.

Wedding dresses.

Captivity bands.

Oh God.

My favorite song is a wedding song. GASP.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love, love. I celebrate other people signing away their freedom and 50% of their belongings. I’ll even buy you a killer gift!

But I hope I never make that stupid mistake, again. One divorce is enough for me, thankyouverymuch.

Here comes that soapbox of mine.

In my not so humble opinion, marriage is not in the best interest of women. Especially lady bosses like myself. I’ve earned my own money and bought my own house. I am completely financially independent and the single head of household. What on earth would possess me to give half of that away? Love? No. I’m sorry, but love has a way of ending and financial independence is priceless.

I make a lovely bride and was the wife every husband ever dreamed of. I thrive in domestic partnership because I really love spoiling the man in my life. I’ve been known to bake a man into oblivion and think morning head is the best way to wake up that same lucky guy. I take pleasing the man in my life to an Olympic level. Maybe it’s a firstborn, over-achiever thing? At any rate…

I lose myself.

I’d love to live next door to the man of my dreams. I feel like that’s as win-win as it gets. I get to maintain my queendom and send him back to his kingdom if I feel like it.

I want to forever be someone’s choice, not their legal obligation.

And I’m not giving half of my shit away, ever again.


One thought on “30 Days of Truth, Day 6

  1. Better to lose half than lose it all… divorce is worse for men in my opinion. House, children, child support, alimony??? What am I forgetting? Heartbreak and feeling of worthlessness.

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