30 Days of Truth, Day 14


Day 14 — A hero that has let you down. (letter)

Dear Me,

Are you fucking kidding me right now? Seriously? All these years of difficult lessons, hard-won freedom and independence, yet you fall in love with the first bad idea, every time.


You’ve saved yourself from a water leak that threatened to bankrupt you, twice through foreclosure on the house AND delivering a baby in the bathtub. If single motherhood from birth doesn’t qualify you for superhero status, nothing will.

So why the bad taste in boys? Why the self loathing when it comes to love? What the hell?

You grow an acre of vegetables and work full time as the VP of a successful company. You don’t just work, you SLAVE tirelessly to provide a beautiful life for the babies and yourself. You deserve a break. More than a break.

You deserve magic, too.

You miss making breakfast in your panties, admit it. You miss packing lunch for the lucky man you kept up all night. I miss that part of you too.

It’s ok to be soft and vulnerable, but for the love of God, stop with the horrible men you decide to trust. They’re terrible for you, they have nothing to offer AND you only end up feeling bad about yourself when you forget those things.

Get your damn cape on and get your shit together. Be a hero in your own life too… dig out those cookbooks and order some cute new panties.

You have a bad man to walk away from and breakfast to make.

xoxo J


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