30 Days of Truth, Day 20


Day 20 — Your views on drugs and alcohol.

I like them both in moderation.

“Drugs” is a pretty wide term though, so that needs to be clarified. I’ve experimented with the safe stuff, but never heroin, meth, etc…

I will say, I never did anything on drugs that I was horrified or painfully regretful about, the next morning. The same cannot be said for alcohol.

The worst thing I ever did stoned was decimate my diet and eat a few thousand calories. You can ruin your whole life with booze.

My family is divided into two groups. Mormons who abstain and the life of the party. I have sisters who teach Sunday school and a few who dance on tables. Like many aspects of our family, we are 100% committed in any which direction we decide to go.

Vodka is the devil, and you should avoid it at all costs. Same goes for drugs that land you in a homeless shelter. Don’t put anything in your body that can take your freedom away and don’t make any monumental decisions without a clear head.

Alcohol can soften a bad day, but it can also light it on fire. Drugs just plain make you stupid. We all need to be pacified on occasion and I’ve had my fair share of dumb days, but in the grand scheme of things…

Nobody ever looks back on their life and wishes they’d been drunk or high.

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