30 Days of Truth, Day 21


Day 21 — (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

Well I’d die a million deaths on my way to her side, of course. Just reading today’s prompt makes me nauseous and weepy.

I cannot imagine my life without my red-haired security blanket. I don’t want anything to do with it if she’s not part of the plan.

The last 6 months have been some of the saddest in my life. My poor Fancy has had to listen to me cry into more glasses of champagne than I even want to think about. She knows when I need her and I’m hardly surprised anymore when I hear her text come whistling in just as I’m reaching the end of my rope.

F- Bubbles?

J- Absolutely.

I’d be far more content if she had a full security detail and a driver. A nice impenetrable tank to safeguard my most precious friend.

Some people become so important in your heart that you can’t remember how you lived without them before. She’s that person for me. She’s been there through it all and if anything ever happened to her, my heart would never survive the loss.

How could it? She’s my compass, and I’d never find my way back out without her.

Now enough of that horrible thought. Call your best friend and tell him/her how much you love them. Life is too short to swallow your feelings or risk leaving things unsaid.

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