Game Changer

I’m a bit speechless.

We all have that fish who got away, that guy who happens to be the definition of our wishlist. He’s the achilles that kills us, the pretty boy that makes us question what we ever saw in every other man and the one we wanted more than oxygen.

I called my mama tonight to ask her what I could do to help with the benefit dinner she’s hosting this weekend…

and He answered her phone.

McSteamy: Hi. Do you know who this is?

J- Travis?

McS: Nope.

J: Um…

McS: It’s me. McSteamy. I got divorced and moved back to town.

Oh. My. Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

I sent Sober One Kenobe a text asking if she had a sitter she would share and she volunteered. She knows who I’m talking about and we’re collectively gasping. She has dresses and I have butterflies.

I also have the hottest fucking date on earth. … … tonight…. in my mama’s garden… under the light of the moon and beside the prettiest man I’ve ever seen.

Almost 8 years ago to the day… I was in this same boat. 

Pray, y’all. I need a beautiful reminder and this is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen.



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