Damn, Gina….

Oh boy… I’ve really stepped in it this time.

In the midst of crying my heart out for the umpteenth time over too many cocktails, I bestowed a two day hangover unto myself.

I also ended up with Tinder and a hot new lineup of stunt doubles that look embarrassingly similar to the man I can’t shake.

I sent the favorite to Anthony and he responded immediately.

A- Oh shit. Well…. you could never have them meet, that’s for sure. That’s downright awkward.

J- I wish his eyes weren’t blue.

A- Goodness gracious, fuck him a dozen times and get over this. Please. For all of us.

J- Oh stop, I was clearly drunk when I was man shopping, they’re all stunt doubles. Same hair color, build, hell… I have a list of 5 with the same name. I actually COULD be screaming his name in a half hour if I shot out a few messages. Tinder is a damn vice factory.

A- Damn, Gina… you need to go on a date. Go out with this one. Message him, you’re an INFJ too-

J- A what? I had no idea what that meant.

A- You.

J- I’m already bored.

A- You’re going.

I gave him my number and he’s surprisingly intelligent. He has a five year plan that involves real estate. He has a great job, owns his own home and he’s the spitting image of the man I love.

What could possibly go wrong?

He doesn’t have any kids and is happy to make himself available whenever I can go to dinner.

A stunt double at my beck and call?

Why not.

I may go to hell for this one, but I’m sick and tired of being miserable. At worst, it’s dinner and a fresh reminder that I’m not ready to date… and at best it will be fun and I will stop feeling so dejected.

I never planned on hanging out with both of them at the same time anyway. 🙂



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