Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…

Damn, Gina….

Oh boy… I’ve really stepped in it this time.

In the midst of crying my heart out for the umpteenth time over too many cocktails, I bestowed a two day hangover unto myself.

I also ended up with Tinder and a hot new lineup of stunt doubles that look embarrassingly similar to the man I can’t shake.

I sent the favorite to Anthony and he responded immediately.

A- Oh shit. Well…. you could never have them meet, that’s for sure. That’s downright awkward.

J- I wish his eyes weren’t blue.

A- Goodness gracious, fuck him a dozen times and get over this. Please. For all of us.

J- Oh stop, I was clearly drunk when I was man shopping, they’re all stunt doubles. Same hair color, build, hell… I have a list of 5 with the same name. I actually COULD be screaming his name in a half hour if I shot out a few messages. Tinder is a damn vice factory.

A- Damn, Gina… you need to go on a date. Go out with this one. Message him, you’re an INFJ too-

J- A what? I had no idea what that meant.

A- You.

J- I’m already bored.

A- You’re going.

I gave him my number and he’s surprisingly intelligent. He has a five year plan that involves real estate. He has a great job, owns his own home and he’s the spitting image of the man I love.

What could possibly go wrong?

He doesn’t have any kids and is happy to make himself available whenever I can go to dinner.

A stunt double at my beck and call?

Why not.

I may go to hell for this one, but I’m sick and tired of being miserable. At worst, it’s dinner and a fresh reminder that I’m not ready to date… and at best it will be fun and I will stop feeling so dejected.

I never planned on hanging out with both of them at the same time anyway. 🙂



Categories: Dating, Happiness, Temptation

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