Fermented obsession

The thing about having a garden and being moderately OCD is that I grow things I don’t eat, purely for color and shape. I end up with a lot of shallots, cabbage, beets, and so on…

Some of it takes up a huge amount of space after you have harvested the garden for frost. 8 cabbages, for instance. I was trying to juggle other groceries in amongst the giant purple and green orbs, and it was damn inconvenient.

At the last farmer’s market of the year, I bought a jar of beet balsamic sauerkraut.

Not only is it delicious, but it gave me something to do with all that cabbage.

Here’s a recipe:


I used regular mason jar lids and burped them every day.

I leave a few inches at the top and flip the jars. It’s worked wonderfully and I haven’t had any issues with anything being out of the brine.


I’ve had the best luck quartering a whole cabbage and slicing it thinly with my mandoline. Sprinkle with sea salt and squeeze the cabbage to massage the liquids out of the cabbage. Pack tightly into a mason jar (I prefer a half gallon). You can add thinly sliced beets (Paper thin or they’re crunchy strange) and I’m trying watermelon radish for the first time. So far I’ve loved all of it and had to buy some this week because we ate it too quickly last week!

I’ve internalized a lot of my stress this year…  to the point I ended up with bleeding ulcers. I’ve had to learn to speak up and I had to give up coffee. I’ve been able to drink it again after adding this delicious fermented delight to my diet.

It’s supposed to relieve stress and help with gut health. Make some with me! 😂

2 thoughts on “Fermented obsession

    • J

      Holy hell do they STINK though. I may have ruined this batch with the radishes. 😦 They all smell bad a few days in, but even the Dumpling runs away when I burp the jar, LOL

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