Repost: My Favorite Bookmark

Eight years ago, my beloved friend wrote this for me. I found it yesterday in the archives while I was looking for something else. I haven’t checked if his links connect to anything and some of it may be scandalous as hell, but it’s such an incredible reminder to tell your friends and family how much you love about them, and why. Write it down. It may be all they have left of you someday. xoxo Jenni

*Guest Blog, Thanks Anthony*

I have to introduce myself, My name is Anthony, and I love Jenni. I asked her to let me write about her for this 100,000 day. I’m her biggest fan. I read every day. I know everything about her and she still surprises me.

“I’m the Clive Davis of blogs in my circle of friends because we are all hooked and I found her.”

I found her on Google, looking for help knitting a Koolhaas hat. I saw that she was having the same issues I was having and she was using the same yarn. It was meant to be. She was meant to be my friend. I started reading back, to the beginning, and was hooked on her writing style and the way she is so relateable. It is like reading her journal like she whines sometimes. It takes a strong woman to put herself out there on paper or screen. She finished the hat, and in time I finished mine too. I’m a gay man and I cry right along with her when she’s hurt (again). I tell her every time I think the guy is no good. She never listens. She justifies all the red flags and lets them get away with murder.

“She’s a diamond in a bag of rocks and diamonds need love too.”

I was a subscriber through the stupid lazy hippie boat stealer. You should all read back. See her when she’s happy. Fall in love with who she really is because she really loved him and it’s evident in her words and actions. All the venom that followed was necessary so she could have her love returned 100%.

“I’ll marry her myself if one of you doesn’t catch on to what you have right in front of you. We’ll have matching aprons and be the envy of the whole neighborhood.”

She was a disaster when she started dating. Shy, awkward and self conscious. The internet dating really toughened her skin and she learned to defend herself a little. Actually not really. She’s still too nice. She’s the sweetheart that bakes chocolate chip cookies while he fucks her friends. She continues to bake cookies after she finds out, with a smile masking the disappointment. She really doesn’t know how cool she is. I spend every minute of every conversation with her feeling like the only thing she’s paying attention to and laughing every minute. She makes you feel her love. She worries about everything and everyone. She doesn’t sleep but I wouldn’t either if I were her. She’s a farmer.

She survived the breakup with the loser, survived internet dating… and met a guy. I’m not a fan of his, but he lit her up. She wrote like she never had before, and I called her daily for more details. It was just what she didn’t need… but it fixed a lot of the damage the jerk had done to her. It wasn’t the worst thing, I just hate every one of these guys who would ever consider hurting anyone like her. She really is as nice as they aren’t. Just over a year ago, the blog rolled over to 16,000 hits so there’s been a big increase in traffic and it has changed how she writes and how open she is.

“She’s filled empty space with assholes. None of whom bear mentioning. They don’t deserve the recognition.”

The lady loves a jerk, no matter what she says. Including the most recent, The Vagina Hoarder.  It’s movie worthy. He knew how fatal her words could beShe was so bored with him she couldn’t treat us with an  Ohhhhh Jenni rant. Lucky bastard, and an example of how much of a lady she really is. She didn’t want her hurt to become embarrassing for him publicly no matter how much I offered to pay her. Mean old selfish bitch.

She loves food and cooking and people who love food and cooking and she embraces every traditional role.  She loves to sew monster dolls. They’re all original and the coolest stuff my office has ever seen. Mine holds my cell and is made of cashmere. It’s a cyclops, with wings and a forked tail. She’s a treasure because it isn’t stylish to be old fashioned anymore. It isn’t cool to sew stuffed animals (even if they have fangs) and you’re supposed to have make-up in your handbag not knitting and baby booties.

She is the very last woman I would ever want someone to harm, but she asks for it. She doesn’t learn, she doesn’t listen and she doesn’t see. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her how relevant she is to so many people and in so many strangers lives. She makes me feel like I’m not alone and like I’m not stupid, just human and in the same situation as a really cool woman. If this can happen to her, its normal if it happens to the rest of us.

Cheers to my favorite bookmark. Keep your chin up gorgeous. You’ll get there, all you need to do is……………………………………………

Book a ticket.

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