My Hero, Jess.


Early one morning before I was out of bed, my phone started ringing. I ignored it the first time, then flipped it over and saw it was my beloved friend Jess, who had moved to California.

I launched out of bed and ran for the kitchen so I didn’t wake up the whole house when I shouted an exuberant HIIIIII!!!!!

As soon as I heard her voice, I knew something was horribly wrong.

Her baby son Foxy had drowned in the pool and she was standing in the hospital, reeling as they were preparing to remove him from life support.

This is a very sad part of an incredibly beautiful story. I’m sharing it because I want you all to meet my hero, and the strongest lady I know. It’s my honor to introduce you to Jessica Shah. She’s the whole package. A bombshell beauty queen, the fiercest Mama Bear, the best friend you’ve ever had and the most spectacularly strong woman I know. Whenever I’m waist deep in self doubt wondering how I’m going to make it, I look at her and know I can get through anything and even find some joy in the midst of it.


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