Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

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Stephanie with the big mouth.

Ohhhh…. there are not enough words in my extensive vocabulary to define how fucking furious I am. I had that conversation that nobody wants to have, last night. Mr. Right wanted to talk to me about some things and I needed to cover some touchy topics with him, as well.

I had to somehow discuss the fact that I had history with Incredicock. Limited history that had no effect on anything, but history nonetheless. More than anything, I didn’t want him to hear it from someone else, first.

I don’t like grey area. I have no problem discussing uncomfortable things but if I am the last to know about your shady behaviour, it’s over. So I lead with the truth. We’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks so it’s absolutely within respectable time frames.

I was already upset, on the heels of feeling uncertain. I absolutely wanted to give him the opportunity to clear the air and didn’t want to be THAT girl who won’t listen.

More than that… I was not about to let him linger in the space between my comfort zone and the truth.

J- I need to talk to you about something. It’s uncomfortable and I hate that… but it’s a small town and this shit is a reality.

R- It’s ok. Tell me.

J- I have history with Incredicock. Limited history from over a year ago… but my feelings got tangled up and I have to be honest that I don’t want to be a topic of conversation between the two of you.

R- Oh I already know. Stephanie told me.

It’s a good thing it was dark… because my eyebrows are in my hairline and on fire.

Boiling is an understatement.

I’ve never been anything but a friend to her but she’s friends with Incredicock’s ex. Incidentally, there’s a cold, dark hole in hell for women who think it’s ok to shit on another woman’s chance at happiness after so much misery.

She just freed up my time and cost him his happiness too, because I’m done. I will not invest myself in any situation that includes a jealous cunt hiding in the woodwork.


Congratulations, Stephanie. I hope you’re happy with yourself and I hope it felt good to badmouth two people who couldn’t deserve it less. I hope you sleep really well at night with the knowledge that you just swam into the deep end of the karmic ocean. I don’t have to get my hands dirty to help you swallow the teeth you should be gargling right now. You ripped the happiness out of your so-called good friend’s life, betrayed a best friend and oooooh…. you just made the worst enemy the world has to offer, in me.

I’d tell you to eat a dick, but that seems counterintuitive considering that you are one.

xo That Bitch.

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  1. If someone chooses to put their entire life on blast in a public forum…they obviously don’t care what is said about their not so private life. Bashing every guy or “relationship” in your for everyone to read public Diary makes it pretty apparent you are in it for the attention. Good or Bad. No where in my conversations with Mr. Right did I talk shit or say anything negative. You assume what you want so you can have something to blog about. You are boring everyone with your self pity and re run of shitty failed relationships and bashing other females. We aren’t friends. I’m glad we aren’t. I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone that would sleep with my ex husband and then blog about it. I didn’t ruin your happiness or chance at happiness by supposedly telling a not so secret secret. You ruined your chance at happiness by putting all your dirty laundry out for everyone to laugh at it.

    Xoxo That Bitch

    • So don’t join my fan club?

      To clarify, I asked for and was granted a green light before pursuing anything with Incredicock. He’s an incredible man and I’d be a fool not to. When you get divorced, that means your ex is single and free to do what and whom he chooses. Same goes for me, as a single woman. Whether you approve or not, is no concern of mine, and if you choose to come here and read all about it? Well, thank you! You may not like me, but you’re still making me money and I sure appreciate that. This is purely for entertainment and my closest friends know what’s fact from fiction. You seem to be confused, so perhaps you should read this next: Keep on clicking honey, your money spends just as good as the next persons.

      Sidenote: you choose to come here and be bored by my failed relationships. The difference between mine and yours is that I get paid for them. Sorry about your hurt feelings & happy reading!

      xoxo Jenni

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