Day 15: Where would you like to be in 10 years?

A day in my life, ten years from now:

I snuggle deeper into my bed, willing the sun away as I awake to the warm smell of hot coffee. I open one eye and see my beautiful husband lying beside me. The charming and sleepy mass next to me rolls over and pulls me in close for the morning sex I’ve gotten used to but will never take for granted. He satisfies me, hops out of bed to go get my coffee and make breakfast for the Dumpling.

I wander lazily through the house and into my attached conservatory to drink the coffee my sweetheart poured for for me while I water plants with the same sleepy generosity. Orchids hang over the baby seedlings heralding the arrival of my next vegetable garden. Looking out at the ocean through the glass walls of my greenhouse always makes me think of that small town I left behind and I treasure the waves that remind me I did indeed escape to a bigger and more anonymous pond.

I always wanted to trade my snow shovel for flip flops and the pair on my feet feel more magical than a pair of glass slippers.

I start my shiny convertible and hear my beautiful babe run through the house on her way to jump in for the ten minute scenic drive to school, all blonde hair and big grins on her sweet little face. Sixteen year old girls can be beasts, but mine is sweet and funny enough to get herself out of the trouble her sassy mouth gets her in. She comes by it naturally. Dropping her off at the door, I take the long way home and enjoy the tropical breeze that blows through enough citrus trees to smell slightly sweet.

Work is waiting in the dirt of my garden and I kiss my darling goodbye as I prepare for another blissful day, doing what I love and surrounded by the people who love me best.

My Fancy lives across the street and we celebrate another glorious Monday with a bottle of bubbles shared over laughs and her youngest baby learning to walk. Life has slowed down for both of us in the ways we worked so hard towards making a reality and I love that our happily ever afters happened to unfold next door to each other.

My darling big kids live just down the street and my tiny grandchildren wear a path between our houses because they know their Grandma loves them more than life itself and will cook them anything their hearts desire.

All that hard work really paid off.

(In all seriousness, I need to book a trip to Kauai and start making solid moves towards my ten year plan.)

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