Day 30: Write about things that you don’t understand.

I don’t understand people that drive 5 miles an hour under the speed limit. Why? I used to have horrible road rage which vanished with the birth of my second child but this is one of those things that drives me a little insane. I understand it’s not necessary to do the limit, but I think we can all agree that most people do. Drive the speed limit, or pull over for faster moving traffic to pass you safely. Don’t even get me started if you’re having a leisurely slow cruise in the passing lane.

I don’t understand these assholes that are still hoarding all the toilet paper. For the love of Jesus, don’t buy toilet paper just because you see there’s a few rolls available. If you have some at home, don’t buy it until you need it, and everything will go back to normal. The baking aisle also really pisses me off. I bake bread every week and now the only flour available is self rising and gluten free, neither of which interest me. I’m almost out of yeast and the doomsday shoppers are stockpiling it, for what?? Apocolypse pizza? Stoppppppppppppp It. Please. I really don’t want to pay $25 for a 4 oz jar on ebay, but that’s what it’s coming down to.

I don’t understand people who don’t like being at home. This quarantine stuff is my jam. I’m getting things cleaned up and put away that have been begging for my attention for years! I’m getting to spend quality time playing with the Dumpling. She’s learning real math in place of that godforsaken common core bullshit they’ve been torturing us with all year (sorry, not sorry) and cursive handwriting. Ms. Oldschool is the teacher now, 🙂 . I’ve taught her to bake dinner rolls, plant okra and lettuce seeds and we’ve put together a few dozen puzzles. We fell asleep on the couch together last night and when I woke up to move her to her bed, I realized how lucky I am to have this unexpected time with her before she turns into a big kid. Being at home is my favorite thing in the world and it looks like we’re going to stretch this thing out for another month so it’s a damn good thing it’s not winter.

Along those lines… I don’t understand people who don’t love to garden. I catch myself saying “Oh you just haven’t met the right vegetable or flower, like some sort of horticultural pusher. I’ve spent some of my saddest days in my garden. Nothing eases immeasurable pain like planting something or harvesting a few carrots. I find so much comfort in the quiet routine of pulling weeds and enjoy my coffee twice as much when I’m in slippers and a bathrobe walking down the straw-covered path between my peas and tomatoes. The sound and humidity of rainbird sprinklers in the hot summer twilight, is one of my favorite things in the world.

Most of all, I don’t understand why everything needs to be understood. Some things are the way they are just because, not to make any sense or serve any purpose. Some things are just there to make the world lovely.

Remember what they say? Ignorance is bliss. ♥


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