30 Days of Truth, Day 4

Something you have to forgive someone for. When I realized my relationship was imploding, I was also hit with the stark realization that I would be giving birth without a partner. I tried to get around my feelings every which way, because I felt like he deserved to be there… but there was so much […]

30 Days of Truth, Day 3.

Something you have to forgive yourself for. I’ve wracked my brain for days because I have a million somethings, with the most significant being intensely private. I can think of a few dozen, but here are two of the most significant. *For not being the perfect mother my children deserve. It’s the least they deserve, […]

30 Days of Truth, Day 2

Something you love about yourself. I love that I refuse to settle for less than I want, need and deserve. Finally. Going through a breakup during the last month of my pregnancy and the subsequent battle that followed, changed me irrevocably. I think in the early days of our relationship falling apart, I was exhausted, […]


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