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Blame Canada…

Internet dating has taught me one thing that has held true the whole time. They’re hiding a ton of hot men in Canada. In fact- an overwhelming majority of the emails I’ve gotten from beautiful men… have been Canadian. There have been enough of them lately that I have to prove my theory a little and share. Keep in mind Hot does not equal normal, but if I posted a […]

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Talk foodie to me…

Ever realize a moment too late that you’re in shark infested water? I’ll explain. My dad is a chef- we grew up with Brie & Feta in the fridge- not cheese singles or mild cheddar (gag). We didn’t use ketchup on our food- in fact if I’m going to be completely honest- I still cringe a little when my kids squirt it all over something before they taste it. Thanks […]

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The clincher.

This crush on Mr. Flintstone has me preoccupied… so I’ve decided this whole internet dating fiasco is pointless. I’d rather be happily single than consider pathetic replacements.  Dammit…ignorance IS bliss. 🙂 I can’t imagine what I was ever thinking… accepting so little, for 7 years. I’m delighted because I remember that it can be  really really good. Better than I imagined. 🙂 If I’ve learned one thing from internet dating, […]

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Tomato inferno…

I’ve never planted into black plastic before. If you ever wanted to know how hot hell just might be, plant 112 tomatoes in the dead hot sun… into black plastic. I look like a little lobster, cute little red yoga pants and all. I have a ton of work this week & this is my only day in my own garden so I’m racing to get everything planted. Ta-Da!! They’re […]

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Mr. Flintstone…

Who knew how liberating it could be to embrace every single fabulous inch of your sexuality? After getting out of a long term relationship I think it can be hard to remember what it was to be… you. There’s nothing like a solid reminder. Remember what you used to be? Just you? Without the oppression of a partner you don’t want to be with anymore? Without the guilt- or the […]

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