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My favorite cookies

I originally made this cookie for a birthday party of mine- a few years back. We usually combine the 4th of July & my birthday and have a big party with friends/family. I wanted something I could use both frozen and fresh- and I don’t like cake a whole lot, so I was leaning towards making cookies. Something tiny and easy to hold… Something close-your-eyes-to-chew delicious. Victory! They’re of my […]

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Not so fried chicken.

I have to say I am taking a huge risk writing this- my mother would kill me for being thankless… but really? It was so funny I have to share. My enormous-purple-tie-dyed-long-haired-Vietnam-veteran- Uncle Terry, who goes by the name Flipper for his size 15 feet… is in town. He is just as large a personality as the run-on sentence it takes to describe him. He’s loving and kind… and loud […]

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Fade to black…

The bartender smiles as we walk in and asks us: “Are you girls here for breakfast?” Both of us giggle and say… “Nope… Beer.” Which is a pretty surefire sign that we had way too much fun last night. Drinking on an empty stomach with a dented ego is perhaps not the best idea I’ve ever had. Doing it in heels and a little black dress…. was fabulously fun. We […]

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