30 Days of Truth, Day 10


Day 10 — Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

I could whine about the source of my heartache for another 500 words, or get real and face facts about who really needs to leave.

Good ‘ol Debbie Doormat needs to go. That horrible part of my character that looks past the sea of smiling, available faces, straight to the one guy who isn’t interested. I need to bury that bitch up to her eyes and walk away.

I can stand on my damn head in the latest low cut anything I’ve managed to find, and he looks right through me. I do my best not to make eye contact with him, but I fail regularly and find myself grinning back without a second thought to the tears and devastation that allowing myself to adore him, invites. Debbie is a glutton for punishment with a stubborn streak a few hundred miles wide.

It’s done something to my self esteem though, and when I stopped at the gas station on my way home from work yesterday, it hit me like a mack truck. There were two school busses in the parking lot and a half dozen cars. This is my favorite sketchy stop because nobody ever goes to this place. It’s creepy, as are the employees. I love it. I walked in to grab a Sprite, and ran full on into a sea of teenaged boys and their track coaches.

Let me stop right here and tell you something I realized yesterday. The boys are NOT the same mouth-breathing morons that I went to school with. This is a sea of hot. I feel like I’m at the club, not the dirty gas station. I stood in line between two 6’ tall, unspeakably hot children and prayed for salvation. I looked up to see Baby Adonis lick his lips at me.

Which is when I realize that you can see the strappy bits of my bra just at the edge of my neckline and the kid behind me is looking straight down my chest without even a hint of hesitation. Their coaches round the corner and they both stand up straight and look away. I laughed and realized that I’m not crazy. I’m still kinda cute and boys will still look at me.

Preferably not children though, yeesh. I had to call my darling daughter and tell her how much kids have changed and we had a good laugh-till-you-cry over the crass nature of it all. She’s dating a golden gentleman who has nothing but the best intentions for her and their future, and it’s softened her. I can hear a happy peace in her voice and it reminds me freshly, what I’m supposed to be doing.. …

I’m supposed to be killing it. I’m supposed to be giving these girls of mine a queen to look up to. I’m supposed to teach them what it looks like to be loved well, not just how to rule the world single-handedly. Love is important too and I absolutely deserve the same kind of burn-the-house-down passion that I deliver. Pining for a man that doesn’t, only makes me look pathetic.

So long, Debbie. You’ve overstayed your welcome and it’s time for you to go.

30 Days of Truth, Day 7


Day 7 — Someone who has made your life worth living for.

This is easy.

I gave birth to her about nineteen years ago and she is the glue that holds our entire family together.

My Little Red.

She’s her mama’s pride and joy, her Grandma’s favorite and flames on feet. She’s more co-parent than sibling and is spreading her lovely wings into the bright future she’s worked tirelessly to create. She takes her day off to surprise me with a visit.

She’s my true North. My Eastern star. My compass, level and filter.

She’s the vault that keeps my secrets and the hug that reminds me why I refuse to quit trying again after failing a million times. She’s my biggest cheerleader and I envy anyone playing against me. I’m absolutely certain that I can’t fail because she’s in my corner.

She threw me a surprise birthday party when I turned 40, she coached me through delivering her little sister in the bathtub at home and is the first to remind me that I’m a good mom.

I don’t know how I ever got so lucky, but I count her first and last when I’m counting blessings or giving thanks. There have been years that she was the only good thing in my life and a few that I wouldn’t have made it through, without her.

She sets a stellar example for her siblings and gives her time to making sure they know she’s there with love and guidance. She’s working a great job and thriving in the safety of a healthy relationship with a wonderful gentleman.

I made her… but she makes me who I am most proud to be.

Her mom.