Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


30 Days of Truth, Day 22

Day 22 — Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life. It was 2003 and I’d sent my dad a Christmas package with a quilt I’d sewn him. We’d baked cookies, made marshmallows, granola, canned treats from my garden. You name it. It was the overachiever package I’d always wanted to send my deadbeat dad. He’d sent me a letter telling me he’d love to see my kids and I. […]

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30 Days of Truth, Day 18

Day 18 — Your views on gay marriage. I have a spectacular adopted son. He is the most incredible human being I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t love him more if I’d grown him under my heart like I did the rest of my babies. He’s thoughtful and caring, helps his family and loves his Grandma. This kid is the son every mother dreams of and every father prays for. He […]

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30 Days of Truth, Day 10

Day 10 — Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know. I could whine about the source of my heartache for another 500 words, or get real and face facts about who really needs to leave. Good ‘ol Debbie Doormat needs to go. That horrible part of my character that looks past the sea of smiling, available faces, straight to the one guy who isn’t interested. I need […]

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30 Days of Truth, Day 7

Day 7 — Someone who has made your life worth living for. This is easy. I gave birth to her about nineteen years ago and she is the glue that holds our entire family together. My Little Red. She’s her mama’s pride and joy, her Grandma’s favorite and flames on feet. She’s more co-parent than sibling and is spreading her lovely wings into the bright future she’s worked tirelessly to create. […]

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30 Days of Truth, Day 1

Day 1 — Something you hate about yourself. Somehow, by some innate failing as a human, I am incapable of taking my clothes off without turning them inside out. I realize this doesn’t seem like a big deal… but hear me out. I spend twice as much time turning the laundry right side out, as I do washing, drying & folding, combined. Much to my horror, I’ve also created a small […]

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