Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…



It’s a beautiful thing when you’ve raised an incredible person. I made a young woman with twice my sass and a million times the courage. She’s fire. She called me tonight and set my ass straight. We were talking and she stopped and said: LR- What are you doing? J- Uh… texting. LR- WHO? J- Uh… no comment. LR- NO! BAD DOG! I feel like driving home just to spray […]

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Raising a baby alone, from birth… is an epic undertaking. My eldest daughter has been my right hand, but the Dumpling has softened me. I had to take real stock of my character and pull from places I didn’t know I had. Her father has always provided for her financially since we settled things in court, and would drop everything to help me if I needed him. We are on […]

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The third circle of hell.

I’ll cut right to the chase. It’s the rehearsal for dance recitals. That’s where you go when you’re a bad person. Purgatory looks like Disneyland after an evening of whistles, shrill screaming and 1,800 varieties of cheap perfume battling it out to be the cause of your migraine. If you’re one of the rare few that haven’t tasted hairspray for 4 hours straight, let me shine a light on the […]

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Not so festive.

I used to love Christmas. I was one of those annoying over-bakers and made all my gifts. I started sewing in July and my children always wore matching, homemade flannel pajamas to sleep on Christmas Eve.  Gingerbread houses, homemade marshmallows in three flavors, chocolate dipped everything while carols played from thanksgiving to Christmas. It was my favorite time of year. Then my son left, and it’s been difficult, since. Holidays […]

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The Tree

I almost called my ex husband yesterday to apologize for what an asshole I used to be about the Christmas tree. I really should. I still might.  Once upon a time, I insisted on the local tree farm. They have a hay ride, hot cocoa and candy canes. It’s magical and at $10 a foot, it should be. I made my husband walk for hours while keeping on a happy […]

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