Duct Tape Roses- How to make your OWN!!!

I had to put a better tutorial together so you could really make one right away. My first flower looked like one of those cones on Madonna’s bra. Not good.

The pattern I found had you cut a bunch of pieces of tape. Horrible nightmare if you’re somewhat ADHD like me. I’m all about speed & multi-tasking 🙂 Roll the tape out at least a foot (if you’re impatient like I am, go for at least 2)

Fold one corner over. Your choice- just leave a little strip of sticky tape to stick when you fold it the other way.

See? A rose petal! Made of glorious Duct tape! Excited? Good… cause you need to make another 24…

Break off one end of your Q-tip stem, and roll it on from one side of the “petal” to the other.  There… like that.

Keep on going! Add petals in odd numbers, and stagger the points.

It starts to take shape after a few rows and you’ll be LOVING it 🙂

See? Wait’ll you see my dress for the white trash prom I’m going to tonight… delightfully trash-fabulous.