Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


The Heathen

I get myself into these messes. I’m aware of that. I figured I should admit that now before I torment you with the details of another wild date. Kevin is the little brother of an old friend of mine. She’s been actively trying to set us up for years and I had a weak moment and agreed to dinner. My time off did not result in the evening I wanted […]

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I had a lousy time with Mr. Right last night. I’m not sure what happened but he was awkward and distant at something he invited me to. To add insult to injury…. Incredinope walked through the door and proceeded to give me the ice cold shoulder. I sat there, feeling uncomfortable and out of place, itching to pull my pajamas on and climb into bed… and decided to do just […]

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In the worst month of my adult life, I’ve had to take stock of what’s important and face reality about what’s not. I’ve had to stop and count my blessings at a time when they all felt like sand slipping through my fingers. I’ve never been more sad or had more reason to be hopeful about the future. I’ve also never had more stress or reason to worry, in my […]

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Jesus Almighty Crossfit

Y’all… there aren’t words. My thighs feel like I had a one night stand with Jeffrey Dahmer and he fell asleep after eating a little of each. Every step hurts. Every breath hurts. I liken stairs to natural childbirth. Walking down stairs hurt last week. Upstairs feels like unmedicated surgery this week. I. Am. Crippled. Handstands and pull-ups. Push-ups and squats. It has kicked my ass in every imaginable way. […]

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