Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Crossfit Casualty

Awww…. Fuck. I’m too honest for my own damn good. I can’t even begin to try to sell this. I got off the phone with my favorite delicious man and poured myself a stiff triple. I’ve realized that I need to find a healthy way of coping with the crippling frustration he inspires. Given the choice of pharmaceutical drugs or exercise, I made the brilliant, inebriated decision to commit to […]

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I’d barely gotten my Dumpling to bed before climbing into the bubble bath of my dreams, which doesn’t take much when you have an achy exhausted body and bronchitis. My fever was competing with the water and I felt like a sick soul abandoned in the Sahara. Somehow I’d made it through work today and was barely upright on my way in the door at the end of the day. […]

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Mr. Tinder

I was sick with nerves by the time 6 o clock rolled around yesterday. I don’t know why, but first dates cripple me. I’m incredibly shy by nature and first dates always feel like a glorified job interview. My little sister came to babysit the Dumpling and hugged me tightly. S- I know you’re nervous, but don’t be! You’re a beautiful, funny, strong and successful woman. It’s really brave and […]

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First date hesitation.

Since I gave Mr. Tinder my number, I’ve woken up to great stuff. Funny stories he thinks I might like, updates about the political debates and pictures of him out hiking somewhere wonderful. Daily good morning wishes, frosted with a compliment or three. I never text him first…. or last for that matter. He responds instantly any time I do. I remember now how to play all these dumb games […]

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Damn, Gina….

Oh boy… I’ve really stepped in it this time. In the midst of crying my heart out for the umpteenth time over too many cocktails, I bestowed a two day hangover unto myself. I also ended up with Tinder and a hot new lineup of stunt doubles that look embarrassingly similar to the man I can’t shake. I sent the favorite to Anthony and he responded immediately. A- Oh shit. […]

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