Truth Hurts


If you hurt me? Then you better brace yourself because you’ll be joining me, shortly.

I’d love to claim otherwise, but I’m a big fan of karma and the yin/yang of it all. I’m a kind person. I am thoughtful and helpful and the best kind of friend you could ask for. I give without expectation to receive.

To be loved by me is an incredible thing.

On the flip side, nobody envies my enemies.

I used to get angry. Now I just get gone. You don’t get my pain or the energy it would take to muster up a little venomous rage. You get my ice cold shoulder, my hostile silence and not so much as a slight effort of my help, where I once would have given you everything.


Unless you keep trying me.

I walked in yesterday, hating his presence. Too close to tears to say anything…and cold. Ice cold.

I- Why are you so mad?

I snapped. It happens. I am the biggest pushover in the world until I’m not. I’ve done my best to keep my shit together and put on a happy face.

However… every rope comes to an end, eventually.

J- I hope someday, when you’re comforting your daughter because some douchebag did this to her, you think of my face. All this time, I’ve been wracking my brain… trying to figure out how you got divorced and how she could ever want to live without you… and now? Now I think she made the right choice. I’ve done a million things for you, what did you ever do for me? Thanks for the orgasms, I guess.


No apology offered, and none expected if I’m going to be honest. It’s up to me to put this shit away and tuck him back into the stranger zone. It’s one of the hardest situations I’ve ever created but I’m nothing, if not resilient and funny.

I took him off every kind of social media and changed his text tone back to default. No more Yummy.


I left work early and canceled my boytoy weekend. Finally mature enough to know it would be a momentary solution that would cause long term problems. I’m more in the mood to play with the Dumpling and finally pack Christmas away than I am to be sexy. More in the mood for yoga pants than fish nets.

I was in bed by 8 with a few cats, the dog, the Dumpling and a handful of baby dolls. So grateful for the real love in my life and my cozy king sized bed full of beautiful reminders. I don’t have time for half-assed behavior from anyone because it takes time away from these treasures in my life who truly deserve it.

I’m over it.


My New Gummy Bears


My best friend picked me up in the wee hours of the morning and I started to get excited. I’d put off getting my saline breast implants replaced for far too long and it was finally the day. I’ve been having sharp stabbing pain in the left one, incidentally the same one that broke a few years ago. I’m not that vain… but I want two boobs again, preferably the same size.

Actually… bigger. I swapped out 510 cc saline for 610 Natrelle Inspira high profile cohesive gel. In layman’s terms, I went from a 36 DD to a 36 G/H. I caught a lot of flak for it, but I love having big boobs and if you have to buy them… why not?

I wore a 36 B for the first 27 years of my life. I know how it is on both sides of the fence and which side I prefer to live on.

My first surgical nurse had a million questions, complaining that she was an A and had always thought about it. I encouraged her and she told me after I came out of recovery that she thought she was going to do it.

My anesthesiologist came walking in. NOT the perverted one, because I called and asked for a replacement. My very first thought when I saw him, was that he looked a lot like Incredicock. He’s charming too, setting me at ease and chatting with me as they wheel me down the hall and into the operating room. He smells just like my favorite guy. That was my last thought.

I woke up and threw up. Suddenly surrounded by all my favorite nurses. They cleaned  me up and instantly started laughing and teasing me.

J- Ok, hit me. How bad was it. What horrible secret did I tell you guys?

N1- You told Derek he was hot. Oh and that you loved his beard and his tattoos.

J- I was afraid of that. He looks a lot like this guy I…

N2- Incredicock? We may call Derek that for the rest of his natural life. My favorite was when you told him he was a jerk for being a holdout <riotous laughter> and asked him why it took him so long to tie you up.

N3- In your defense, you did ask us to duct tape your mouth shut when we asked if there was anything you needed before we put you under.

J- and none of you had any tape?

N1. That’s the most fun I’ve had in surgery all week.


Derek popped his head in and smiled widely at me.

J- Sorry I hit on ya, doc.

D- Don’t sweat it, my wife loves it and Dr. did a great job. They look great. Knock ’em dead, Tiger.

I have a high pain tolerance. High enough that I warn them to ignore me and medicate me on schedule. They released me with a strict timeline.

That first night was no fucking joke. The left side of my chest was unrecognizable with my pectoral muscles separated to my collar bone. My implants were floating and my muscles were out of control, trying to figure out WTF happened. The opiods made me queasy and I couldn’t sleep on my back. There’s always a post-surgery moment where it all hits you at once. This was my moment.

My beloved Little Red took care of me for the first two days. I’m ridiculously independent so it was just really pleasant to visit with her and have her chastise me when I’d waited too long to take my meds and was in agony as a result. I always wait too long. I don’t like feeling foggy.

God bless the Dumpling’s daddy for showing up like the superhero he is, just when I needed his help the most. I’m so grateful, and he even picked up my coffee creamer for me. The most amazing part of the hardest days is realizing what incredible friends you have.

Miss Fancy is my Alpha and Omega. She drove me, and was the best sight post-surgery. There aren’t even words for how happy I was to see her face. She bought me this lovely first G bra and the coffee I’d been dying for, the moment we left the surgical center. I’m stuck in this godforsaken boob seatbelt, 24/7 for the first three weeks.


Miss Lovely has given me the big boob facts, and loaned me a lovely bra until my new arsenal of industrial strength bras show up.

It’s been two weeks and I love them. The pain is gone, with the exception of the dreaded boob seatbelt that I am dying to ditch. The most notable difference, is in the actual feel of them. Saline implants tended to feel like balloons under your muscle, but these actually feel like having real breast tissue again. They’re soft, squishy and even I want to play with them. I’m digging out sundresses and looking forward to being able to run again, even if I have to wear three bras. 🙂

If you’re on the fence and trying to decide: Feel free to email me if you have any questions. ♥