Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Fermented obsession

The thing about having a garden and being moderately OCD is that I grow things I don’t eat, purely for color and shape. I end up with a lot of shallots, cabbage, beets, and so on… Some of it takes up a huge amount of space after you have harvested the garden for frost. 8 cabbages, for instance. I was trying to juggle other groceries in amongst the giant purple […]

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I Don’t.

“Leave his texts on read, leave his balls on blue…put it on airplane mode so none of those calls come through….”  – Cardi B ♥ I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to playing the villain in a few boys lives. I ghost them all. K- Are you in the mood for something sweet? J- Nope. ………………………… M- Wanna Netflix and chill? J- No. ……………………….. C- I’d love to fuck […]

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Good As Hell

There’s some magic in tidying yourself up. I took the day to myself yesterday, to put my life back together. Hair and nails are at the bottom of my list. I had carbon monoxide alarms to buy and car registration to renew. Checks to order, laundry to fold, dirt to sweep up and my beloved gardenia to water. I got a lot done waiting for the incredible furnace repairman, and […]

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The Contender

Well shoot. I may have actually made a good choice, whilst wasted. I’m writing it down because it definitely needs to be noted. Miss Lovely and I were hanging out together, destroying our livers, when we met two great guys. Mr. NotCalifornia and his Pops. We laughed ourselves sick with them, then went to go somewhere else. Which is when I realized that the moment of truth was upon me. […]

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I’m sort of hesitant to list what I managed to get done today, because it’s a healthy admission of my degree of procrastination. I caught a horrible cold last week and worked through it from M-W, but crashed hard on Thursday. I worked Friday morning and left before I got everyone sick (I hope). Saturday was for playing and I didn’t get a single thing on the yucky list, done.  […]

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