Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Fresh Hurt

He’s like a papercut on the palm of my hand. A pain I strive to keep to myself anymore, a pain that I assumed would be an inconvenient sting, not a wound that eternally rips itself open. He’s the wound that won’t ever heal completely, and I’m the foolish girl who keeps taking the bandage off too soon. I can breathe through the regret of him, even laugh when he […]

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The Spoiled Brat

I did a lot of soul searching this year, and learned a lot about myself as a result. I learned some good and not so good things about myself. I am definitely my own worst enemy… 100%. I laugh whenever faced with someone angry or frustrated with me because I relate to them so well. I am an enormous pain in the ass when I want to be, but generally […]

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Deal Breakers

In stepping back into dating, I realized I had to be more forthcoming this time around. Too many years spent pretending that I could tolerate cigarettes taught me one glaring lesson. Everyone’s patience runs out eventually. You have to be honest about the deal breakers from the first second, otherwise you’re setting someone up for failure. Usually yourself. I have a couple dealbreakers. I’m not picky but there are certain […]

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Grief Kitchen

I’m both relieved and frustrated that I’ve gotten my appetite back. All those months of silent devastation were wearing me thin emotionally and the lack of protein in my diet landed me with a nasty migraine after every workout. My fingernails were splitting, my hair was brittle and new wrinkles were showing up in every sad frown. Holding all that pain alone is heavy in so many ways. I miss […]

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The Puppy

I’ve been looking for a puppy for a few years now. My beloved Peapod died 4 years ago and I lost my mind a little. I quit my job, started a new career… and ruled out ever having a dog again. My heart has never been so decimated as the day I wrapped my beloved best friend in my baby blanket and buried her in my garden. Her tags are […]

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