Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…

Internet Dating

First date hesitation.

Since I gave Mr. Tinder my number, I’ve woken up to great stuff. Funny stories he thinks I might like, updates about the political debates and pictures of him out hiking somewhere wonderful. Daily good morning wishes, frosted with a compliment or three. I never text him first…. or last for that matter. He responds instantly any time I do. I remember now how to play all these dumb games […]

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So pretty it hurts.

I’ve never had such a visceral reaction to someone before and I’m frustrated at my inability to conceal it from him. I heard his voice today before I saw him walk in and knew I should look up at him and face the view head on before he was tableside and watching my reaction firsthand. My God though… it’s just too much hot in one man. I’m blinded by the […]

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I Don’t.

“Leave his texts on read, leave his balls on blue…put it on airplane mode so none of those calls come through….”  – Cardi B ♥ I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to playing the villain in a few boys lives. I ghost them all. K- Are you in the mood for something sweet? J- Nope. ………………………… M- Wanna Netflix and chill? J- No. ……………………….. C- I’d love to fuck […]

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Ask… and you shall receive.

I deleted Tinder. Or at least ghosted a few dozen hopeful men and let it default to my being away on vacation. Someone recommended Bumble… and I love bees so I was immediately pleased with the little hive icons and the fabulous feature that only allows men to contact you after you’ve made the first move.  No rif-raf, frat boys or dirty old perverts… amen. In the space of a […]

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Tinder James, The boy who would not go quietly.

Let me preface this by saying that I loathe being ghosted. I think ignoring someone is WORSE than being rude. I prefer my LEAST favorite emoji, to silence. and I hate that shrugging man. I also hate hurting people’s feelings. … …. so ghosting is a convenient way to deal with the unsavory Tinder dudes without having to tell them why. Is it really ghosting them if you haven’t even […]

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