Sweet 16,000

I realized this morning that my blog has been viewed over 16,000 times. I have a few different reactions to that…

Panicked… since you’ve read along with me accepting my PHD, learning that I should avoid my favorite beverage, actually I’ve learned the Goose lesson a few times in the last few year. Here… and yet again. I told you,  I never learn the easy way. Isn’t the hard way more fun anyway?

Bitchy… though I’ve quit whining so much since I shook the dirty hippie.

Proud… of my son and daughter, and of myself, because it’s been a long year.

Relieved… because you’ve been there for me through the worst relationship of my life. Trying to love himtrying to leave himlearning how to stand up for myself… and finally, outing him as the shitbag he really is. Most of all I’m relieved it’s over.

Humble…You’ve had unlimited patience for my heathen ass lately… my learning to love being single… and a little slutty. You haven’t even thrown rocks at me when I’ve realized how blind I’ve been. Even when I whine about it.

Flexible… I’ve been brown and blonde… I like blonde better.

Embarrassed… because you’ve seen me through the nightmare that is Internet Dating, and there are so many bad dates to recount it’s funny.

Shy… because I’ve admitted to liking some scandalous shit in the last few months…such as a filthy mouth.

Sexy…I don’t get a lot of shit for it (and know some of you would LOVE to chew my ass out a little about him…I have to stop and thank those of you who fall in that category, for not giving me too hard a time about my Shark… consider the sweet satisfaction in rubbing my ex’s nose in my happiness… the leg-shaking earth rocking fun I have with him…and the delicious sexpot he’s turned me into. Scorching hot pornographic dreams certainly don’t hurt.

Domestic… because I garden, cook, can & bake the pants off most people.

Crafty… you’ve seen me through too many Halloween costumes to count… not to mention my ridiculous knitting addiction and Duct tape roses. White trash prom was enough crafty fun to last me a while 🙂

I’m learning, slowly… but I’m trying.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


Once upon a time, there was Katherine.

kateturtleOne of my favorite friends is graduating from nursing school, so I knit her a turtle with a nurse shell and hat.

nursekate7I think she’ll love her… but I’m already knitting another one because it was so much fun. The pattern is free, and if you enjoy knitting, go knit yourself a Sheldon!

My Koolhaas success!

It’s working!

Truly. I have to say, when I knit this pattern again I will never use variegated yarn again. There’s a shorter (someone who gave up on this workout-of-a-knitted-hat-pattern on ravelry called Jesse’s Christmas Hat )version that is really quite cute and I’ve just begun making one into a baby hat for my sweet Sammy.


This hat is so lovingly made and it was such a struggle at times, but so rewarding, and so relaxing in my currently stressful & chaotic work environment. What on earth would we all do without knitting?

My Koolhaas hat…the bane of my knitting existence.

I’m in love with this gorgeous hat. This is Jared Flood’s Koolhaas hat pattern, inspired by architect Rem Koolhaas’s Seattle Library.


However… after pulling it apart three times, I’m finally just past the first cable set… with 4 more to go. I found the most exquisite emerald green Noro Cash Iroha (Silk, Cashmere, Lambswool & Nylon) but it’s sort of holey and not really defined enough for what I had envisioned. This pattern is work…not an easy and relaxing knit (for me) but I want it… dangit… and I’ve got to have it.


Perhaps new yarn? Smaller needles? Argh. I’m so close to just pulling it out and finding a new pattern… 😦


My children have cheered me on along the way… and since I’m a die-hard and simply cannot just QUIT… I have to finish it… but I’m dreading the next 4 repeats considering I’m already not really happy with how it’s looking… too smooshy and open, with too much along the lines of holes for cold air to get in… Help. Sigh. Whine.