Chicken Tractors

I want one! Here is the design I’m planning to build:

Deluxe Chicken TractorCourtesy of the Deliberate Agrarian my favorite design so far.

With the ability to grow 40 meat chickens in one, and 30 or so egg layers in another possibly larger chicken tractor, I’ll be able to add eggs to our CSA baskets this year and eat homegrown organic chicken all year. Yum.

The biggest benefit (IMO) of the chicken tractor, is not having to shovel the chicken manure out of the chicken coop, with the added bonus of having the ability to offer your little feathered friends all the fresh green grass & bugs they could possibly want or need.  The chickens weed and cultivate while fertilizing the soil they’re on, and with the ease of moving them to fresh grass, they’re a veritible fertilizing factory on wheels 🙂

I can hardly wait for the snow to melt!

***See the latest issue of Mother Earth News for more information on the almight chicken tractor!

Cutiepie McYarn-Thief, aka Peapod


Much as I love the little sweetie, she’s truly testing how much when she makes off with my new skein of cashmere yarn. I admit, I’m an addict, and I spend more on yarn each year than I do on shoes…

So when I see this tiny whisper of a dog stand on her little hind feet and snatch a skein out of the basket, I know I have seconds before she destroys it.

Foiled again Batman…


The Bichon Frise Whirlwind!

The fab-5 are nearly a month old! They had their first attempt at soggy wet dog food today, and were hysterical trying to eat it, while licking each others faces too!


They’re so funny when you put them in the grass, and they aren’t much taller than it either!


One of the puppies is a mommas-girl, and learned to growl and bark when we went out in the sun today. Isabelle has been a HUGE help, especially now that they don’t sleep quietly in the basket, not to mention carrying 5 wiggly Bichons is next to impossible!


The hard part will be sending them to their new homes…especially tiny Penelope, as she’s become our very favorite. Anyone who owns them will tell you it’s like Potato Chips…you can’t have just one…but three will break me at the groomer!


Awww, there’s really not words to describe how cute and cuddly they are!

One pound of pure sweetness…

Coming right up!


We’re in the throes of our second litter of Bichon Frise puppies. Coconut and Tessa Mae have outdone themselves this time, with 3 girls and 2 boys… Meet Miss Penelope Peapod…the family favorite.  These furry little balls of heaven can make even the worst day seem perfect, and there’s nothing on earth like kissing their little fuzzy faces! In 4 weeks we’ll be sending them to their new homes, but we’re sure enjoying having them all to ourselves right now 🙂