Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Day 1: 20 random facts about me.

I spend more on yarn than makeup. Always will. While I realize that I should probably care more about learning how to make myself pretty.. I just don’t care AT ALL. I’d rather be ugly, with mittens. I apologize for everything. It makes one of my sisters yell at me… and you should hear her flip out when I apologize to her for her being mad at me for apologizing. […]

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The Puppy

I’ve been looking for a puppy for a few years now. My beloved Peapod died 4 years ago and I lost my mind a little. I quit my job, started a new career… and ruled out ever having a dog again. My heart has never been so decimated as the day I wrapped my beloved best friend in my baby blanket and buried her in my garden. Her tags are […]

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The New Man in my Life

Before you all keel over in horror, relax… I’m still clinging to the hope I can wash my hands of men for the rest of my natural life. He’s my new puppy. The best little man I’ve met in ages. Meet Tucker Max, my little 2 pound Yorkshire Terrier. He’s exceptional, and started out with nothing but the fleas bouncing off his shoulders. I rescued Tucker Max on Facebook… through […]

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Chicken Tractors

I want one! Here is the design I’m planning to build: Courtesy of the Deliberate Agrarian my favorite design so far. With the ability to grow 40 meat chickens in one, and 30 or so egg layers in another possibly larger chicken tractor, I’ll be able to add eggs to our CSA baskets this year and eat homegrown organic chicken all year. Yum. The biggest benefit (IMO) of the chicken […]

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