Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Mmmm…. and this is why.

My hands are destroyed a little… it’s going to take some effort to return them to server hands. My nail polish is destroyed, my cuticles are ragged… BUT!!!!!!!!! A quarter of the garden is weeded and mulched. I’m exhausted… but it’s finally coming together and I’m finally getting it on auto-pilot. We’ve had a slow & cool summer so things are SO far behind. BUT!!!!! The arugula is gorgeous. The […]

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What’s a self respecting sun worshiper to do? I’m FREEZING to death. Ok so perhaps that’s a tad bit dramatic, but still… it’s ridiculously cold and I hate it. Thankfully I have the answer… and it comes in a glorious 9X13 Pyrex pan of coconutty goodness. Behold! My very own toasted coconut marshmallows… and because I love you all so much, the recipe. Toasted Coconut Marshmallows Soften 4 envelopes of […]

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Sad Mommy Soup

I woke up this morning hoping it would rain… please… please, please. I’m heartsick and sad and don’t want to stare at the stupid sun. I want to clean the house until you can eat off the floor… pick vegetables… and snuggle with my little princess in front of a movie. To hell with a dress… I’m in my ultra loud strawberry pajama pants and my favorite ugly sweatshirt… hell […]

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Sweet 16,000

I realized this morning that my blog has been viewed over 16,000 times. I have a few different reactions to that… Panicked… since you’ve read along with me accepting my PHD, learning that I should avoid my favorite beverage, actually I’ve learned the Goose lesson a few times in the last few year. Here… and yet again. I told you,  I never learn the easy way. Isn’t the hard way […]

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My favorite cookies

I originally made this cookie for a birthday party of mine- a few years back. We usually combine the 4th of July & my birthday and have a big party with friends/family. I wanted something I could use both frozen and fresh- and I don’t like cake a whole lot, so I was leaning towards making cookies. Something tiny and easy to hold… Something close-your-eyes-to-chew delicious. Victory! They’re of my […]

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