Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Revenge Body

One look at him and he lights me on fire with his pretty brown eyes. There’s nothing platonic about the way he meets my silent challenge. “Come here. I dare you“… are the unspoken words between us. There’s a reason I can’t kick this habit, and it’s because he knows things I don’t want to have to ask for. He’s a cartographer and I want my map back if he’s […]

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The Texty Difference

They seem to think we don’t know. When a man is confident, he responds to your text messages within minutes…at the latest. If left to his own devices, he’s responding before receiving yours. When they want us, they’re worse than us when we want them. Don’t let him fool you. He sits on his hands to keep from texting you, too. I’m the worst kind of guy. I have a […]

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The Bet

I love football. Looooooove it. I don’t generally care who’s playing, I’m just happy to sit and watch a good game. I was turning on the Super Bowl when a text came whistling in from NotCalifornia. My first impression is that he’s tipsy fabulous this evening because he’s taking things in a direction they have not gone. He’s usually respectful to the point I’m not exactly sure if he’s attracted […]

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It’s true. When faced with a choice, I choose the bad one every time. It’s absolutely my fault that my love life is more of a tropical storm than a sunny day. Financially secure or tattooed and moody? That’s no contest in my book. I pay my own bills, so I could care less about his bank account. I wanna hear about those tattoos… Suit and tie or dirty with […]

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Manifest Destiny

My beloved mother is a wee bit “woo”. Actually, she’s a lot woo. She smudges the house with sage, regularly, and reminds us all to remember our karma. We have never discussed Jesus beyond putting him in the nativity scenes at Christmas, but I can tell you a whole bunch about your chakras. I’ve had a psychic reading, my chart done, etc. When I was recovering from being raped, she […]

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