Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…



Something happens when I start running again. The first week is agony, the second gets a lot easier and by the third week? I’m running before bed and getting up early to squeeze in a half hour before I have to get the day started. Obsessed? Sure. However, I could spend a good half hour discussing the magic of ice cream and talking to me about pasta could turn you […]

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Buy, buy, Baby.

The people closest to me know I am something of a bedding snob. I worship at the altar of thread count and Egyptian cotton. Deep pocket sheets, silky soft duvets with oversize mother of pearl buttons, down comforters, fluffy soft pillows… I love it all. I don’t spend much time in bed, but when I do? It’s paradise. I would rather have 800 beautiful threads per inch from the Goodwill, […]

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Pretty Bandaid

I started my day with a pep talk: Fake it till you make it, honey. Smile through those tears and wear a little extra makeup to cover up those puffy eyelids and the sadness you can’t hide. Wear your favorite panties and the hot pink bra. Feel better. In any way.  I got up at 4 and ran until I felt like I was going to puke. Eight pounds in […]

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Running Hot

I’m up at 4, running. Up until 11, running again. I’m coping with the intense level of frustration I’m living with, but walking up the stairs to my office every day has gotten increasingly painful. My ass is looking amazing in my jeans and I have three months to go. Part of me really enjoys this epic remodel of the playground and I’ve started shopping for tiny things that lace […]

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Second first date.

His text messages are scintillating. I’m at a complete loss, living with flushed cheeks and a smile I can barely contain. I am in so much trouble. This is a call for an intervention. I am in wayyyyyy over my head. I’ve realized a whole lot in in the last week. I dated him casually eight years ago, but I’ve patterned A LOT around him, since. That spelling penchant of […]

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