Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Fermented obsession

The thing about having a garden and being moderately OCD is that I grow things I don’t eat, purely for color and shape. I end up with a lot of shallots, cabbage, beets, and so on… Some of it takes up a huge amount of space after you have harvested the garden for frost. 8 cabbages, for instance. I was trying to juggle other groceries in amongst the giant purple […]

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Whistle while you breathe…

Things escalated quickly, I was more whistling than breathing.. and drove myself to the ER. These are the glamorous behind-the-scenes moments in single motherhood that nobody writes songs about. Not being able to breathe puts the stupid shit that’s avoidable, in perspective. They were incredibly nice and outfitted me with new prescriptions and a shiny new inhaler. My nurse was a handsome, younger man who was full of dad jokes […]

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Volunteer Plaything

I’m fun to play with. I have cool accessories, too. I’m smart, flexible, funny, pretty, saucy and cross-eyed over him. He can do no wrong, tells the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard and I exploit the fact that I know his favorite things well enough to spoil him. I catch a lot of flak for it, but hear me out. I’ve been married, I’ve had all the children I want […]

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I’d barely gotten my Dumpling to bed before climbing into the bubble bath of my dreams, which doesn’t take much when you have an achy exhausted body and bronchitis. My fever was competing with the water and I felt like a sick soul abandoned in the Sahara. Somehow I’d made it through work today and was barely upright on my way in the door at the end of the day. […]

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Food Fetish

My dad is a chef… so I can lay this fetish at the altar of Daddy issues. I’ve dated a few chefs in the past and have said since I was a child that I could never love a man who couldn’t cook my steak properly. I like mine prepared medium rare which is not difficult. I can do it with my eyes closed…. hell… I can do it in […]

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