Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


30 Days of Truth, Day 17

Day 17 — A book you’ve read that changed your views on something. Confession: I’ve been reading the same book for over a year. I’m about 12 pages in. It’s not that I don’t love the book, it’s that when push comes to shove…. reading is the first thing I abandon. Not out of desire, but necessity. Words are my weakness, and I don’t put books down. I read them exhaustively […]

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30 Days of Truth, Day 7

Day 7 — Someone who has made your life worth living for. This is easy. I gave birth to her about nineteen years ago and she is the glue that holds our entire family together. My Little Red. She’s her mama’s pride and joy, her Grandma’s favorite and flames on feet. She’s more co-parent than sibling and is spreading her lovely wings into the bright future she’s worked tirelessly to create. […]

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My mother grew up in Utah and was raised in the epicenter of the obedient female. God-fearing housewives listen to their husbands a little too much in my opinion, but whatever keeps the home fires burning. She knew one thing for certain, and that was that she would never raise a child there. She moved us to the woods and I grew up knowing I was capable of anything a […]

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My New Gummy Bears

My best friend picked me up in the wee hours of the morning and I started to get excited. I’d put off getting my saline breast implants replaced for far too long and it was finally the day. I’ve been having sharp stabbing pain in the left one, incidentally the same one that broke a few years ago. I’m not that vain… but I want two boobs again, preferably the […]

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It’s been a rough two weeks. My epic, three day hangover felt like a week, in and of itself. After a night of the Dumpling sneezing in my face, I still woke up feeling like a billion dollars this morning in comparison to the suffering I endured this weekend. I was scrolling through Instagram when the latest handsome man makeover, popped up on my feed. Y’all… I’m friends with a […]

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