Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Like there was any doubt…

It was bound to happen sooner or later… and finally, thank heavens… I’m at a place where I can hate him out loud. You’re welcome…. pour yourself a drink first- some of this isn’t going to be easy to read. Oh Thomas. Perhaps you should buy the domain name… ya know… since you like to mimic other people. I put my judgement aside for my heart, something I don’t regret […]

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Oh Valentines Day…

♥♥♥A Valentine throwback from 2012 ♥♥♥ It’s no secret that I love love. I love all things love and all things lovely. No amount of heartache will ever change that, whether that makes me stupid, delusional or painfully optimistic or not? I’m determined to not let the assholes that cross my path, change me. Introspection is worth it, for the right guy. For the right Valentine? I’d tattoo hearts across […]

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Eleven lessons learned…

To say I’ve had a hard year is like saying Bernie Madoff only borrowed a few bucks. I’ve spent enough money on water that I could have bought a new car. A nicer car than I drive… lol I’ve dated King Douchebag…  and several of his minions. To be compared to Nathan Steinbauer means you’re worthless, for all the minions that read my blog, and yes, I mean you- if […]

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Oh She of so much faith…

I woke up to silence… a tiny furry Yorkie dog sleeping as close as he can get to me without being actually ON me. Kicking the covers off, knowing as soon as my naked foot landed on top of the fluffy cloud of down comforters heaped on my bed, my little Tucker Max would be running for my sparkly red toenails. He loves feet. Especially mine. Giggling & fighting him […]

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Lucky Me.

He grins at me, walks to the bathroom and I fall back into my pillows and laugh the same laugh I laughed in junior high when I made it on to the cheerleading squad. Sheer unadulterated joy. Looking over the edge of the bed at his jeans on the floor… staring up at me with one simple message. “Lucky You” Indeed. Blissed out. Grinding coffee beans. Delighting in making him […]

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