Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Dear Nathan…

Dear Nathan, aka Perfectpants, aka Liarpants, aka Cheaterpants, aka Mr. On The Chopping Block, You have so many personalities, I figured it was only fair you had a few nicknames to choose from. And HEY!!! You love attention… and you always wanted to be famous…. 1001 hits on my blog yesterday and climbing… You’re welcome. 🙂 Though I think maybe I made you more infamous than famous… details schmetails. Enjoy. […]

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Victory Yarden

My garden, aka The Yarden was overwhelmingly huge this year. Nearly an acre- and completely redesigned this year. With a freaking rake. I was determined, heartbroken and lost. Definitely depressed. Beyond depressed. My mom brought her tractor over and we tilled the whole damn thing up. Go big or go home, organic farmer style. Like a blank slate… that had to be raked and shaped into the sexy round garden […]

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Happiness is…pickled beets!

I’m canning like a crazy girl this week. Letting my inner domestic princess run wild results in amazing stuff coming out of the kitchen. Pickled beets are one of my favorite- and people beg from year to year to be on the list for Christmas beets. I’m sharing my recipe so that you’ll make some- I’d be willing to bet you’ll love them! There are a few secrets here and […]

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