Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…



Why sugar coat it? If the shoe fits… he should have to wear ’em both. I am so fucking sick of being toyed with, led on and tormented that I’m about to punch him in the ballsack. If I don’t get to play with it, neither should he. I- You know what sounds good? Indeed I do…. but I’m not going near that with a 10 foot pole. J- Yeah, […]

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Reality Check.

What do you think middle age is? I never thought I’d be middle aged at 43… but I still don’t feel like an adult. He called me middle aged today. The floor fell out of my soul. This man. This beautiful creature that makes me feel like I’m 12, at most… referred to me as middle aged. I’m older than him and for the first time in my life, I’m […]

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The soup.

I popped the cork on the bottle as silently as I could and filled a pint glass with cheap champagne. Gulping Cook’s is next level suffering and combined with a fever it’s a miracle I didn’t just die on the spot. With his tea on the stove, soup stock simmering and a pint of Cook’s going down (painfully) quickly, I faced the task at hand. I had to take all […]

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Whistle while you breathe…

Things escalated quickly, I was more whistling than breathing.. and drove myself to the ER. These are the glamorous behind-the-scenes moments in single motherhood that nobody writes songs about. Not being able to breathe puts the stupid shit that’s avoidable, in perspective. They were incredibly nice and outfitted me with new prescriptions and a shiny new inhaler. My nurse was a handsome, younger man who was full of dad jokes […]

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It takes far too much to stop me. I’ve been getting more and more ill for the last two weeks. I added Crossfit to the mix so I’m also exercising to extremes for a half hour a few times a week. Personal turmoil is plentiful and I am hardly sleeping with a heavy heart. Being sick results in my saying far too many of my feelings out loud and my […]

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