Am I missing something?

The saga continues. I emailed my marshmallow customer to thank him for the kind email and let him know I’m not interested.

“Awww thanks!  Yes, we’re looking for different things- but I’m flattered nonetheless.


I hoped it was nice but also clear. In the hopes I wouldn’t have to deal with this guy being flirty-weird towards me this market season. Damn it. This is what came back:

“Well good. You deserve to be flattered since your smile and eyes can melt most men, myself included. I like what you said too about growing a set, I did learn that the hard way. I was the by-product of a family with five older sisters, with a strong mom and weak dad. It is incredibly freeing to free that wild man inside of me. You would probably like David Deida’s book The Way of the Superior Man. It is the only required reading in our Sandpoint Men’s Group. Although you may like the book he wrote to women even more, called Dear Lover.


For fucks sake. I’m half tempted to write him back and tell him I’m friends with his ex-wife, just to get the point across. He is 48, 5’5″ and around 220 lbs. I don’t get where this unhealthy level of self confidence comes from. Seriously. It’s the equivalent of me flirting with an 18 year old boy.

This whole internet dating thing has gotten downright depressing.

Hmmm, no thank you.

No more internet dating. I’m sick of lame pick up lines and the complete lack of… everything. It’s just sad. No offense to the eligible bachelors out there (of which there are few) none of whom live near me. I am simply, totally & completely OVER IT.I had the good fortune to log into today and see that today was the last day I could cancel my account before they automatically charged me again. EUREKA!!! I was finally free of it all. They offered me 3 more months for the price of 1… No thank you… NO. I have had enough. More than enough even.

My ridiculously large garden, 2 lovely well-behaved kids & 3 little dogs keep me happy & busy enough that I don’t really have time for it all anyway.


and I’d feel a little gloomy about it… sort of… if I hadn’t found the perfect message the other day.

Issy & I went shopping for our dear Grandma Blanche’s birthday and I found a candle on the clearance rack that said “Faith is hope on fire”… so I bought it…and I love it.

And I have faith. All you nay-sayers be damned.

I may end up in a nun’s Habit… but at least I will have  tried to be a good example while trying to have a new life with my kids included as an equal part to myself. I feel good about that- even if it lands me in a Habit…

Because I’d rather feel good about my approach than be happy with a new boyfriend (gag). The end never justifies the means to me. I’m one of those die-hard underdog cheerleaders of mothers putting their children first. I love mine. More than any ol’ guy. In fact… it’d take a pretty special man to invite him into our lives… My children have a wonderful father who is still included in holidays- etc. It will take someone with confidence to know that peace is possible with an ex.

I know the right guy is out there. I know I deserve him… and I know he deserves me… and its going to be sooo much fun when the right time rolls around. 🙂