Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Dear Lover,

I’ve spent years trying to figure out how to put a bookend on this blog. So many people I DON’T want to read this, do. I can’t stop that, and it changes the way that I write. I leave things out and this is truly for me and no one else. I’m not in need of validation, I’m just a wordy girl with a heart overflowing in adjectives. This has […]

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It’s been a rough two weeks. My epic, three day hangover felt like a week, in and of itself. After a night of the Dumpling sneezing in my face, I still woke up feeling like a billion dollars this morning in comparison to the suffering I endured this weekend. I was scrolling through Instagram when the latest handsome man makeover, popped up on my feed. Y’all… I’m friends with a […]

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It’s been a really good year for me. In the grand scheme of things, this is that year that life changed. I have a job I love, working with dear friends. I’m appreciated, rewarded and given as much freedom as I need to make motherhood a priority over employment. ♥ My garden was a complete failure this year, for the first time in my life. Nothing did well, with the […]

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I’m sorry, Jerk.

(An old treasure from my days in the apron ♥) It was a quiet Friday night at work. The weather dictates how busy we’ll be, and it was overcast but warm, so the patio was half full of happy customers. With two tables a piece, the three of us were working hard to avoid hovering over the precious few determining our financial survival for the evening. Our first server was […]

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Eww… gross.

I recently made a new friend. Introduced by one of my favorite girlfriends, I liked her immediately! She’s a gorgeous mother of 6 of the most well behaved and wonderful children I’ve ever met. She’s my age, just moved here, and offered to watch my little one if I ever needed some help. I was incredibly grateful, especially since I knew my tiny girl would love to play in a […]

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