Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…


Fermented obsession

The thing about having a garden and being moderately OCD is that I grow things I don’t eat, purely for color and shape. I end up with a lot of shallots, cabbage, beets, and so on… Some of it takes up a huge amount of space after you have harvested the garden for frost. 8 cabbages, for instance. I was trying to juggle other groceries in amongst the giant purple […]

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My Gay Bae

Yesterday was a ground zero sort of day, full of horrified realizations and self flagellation. A pity party for one, if you will. I spent the day at work with hours of my favorite painfully inspirational podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking on blast. If you haven’t listened to it, I beg you to give it a chance. Nora and Co. are amazing. ♥ My dear Anthony called from the airport and […]

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I’m sort of hesitant to list what I managed to get done today, because it’s a healthy admission of my degree of procrastination. I caught a horrible cold last week and worked through it from M-W, but crashed hard on Thursday. I worked Friday morning and left before I got everyone sick (I hope). Saturday was for playing and I didn’t get a single thing on the yucky list, done.  […]

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Jenni’s Heirloom Marinara

The funny thing about being a gardener is that the vegetables don’t care how you feel. When they’re ripe, it’s time to can them or throw all your hard work away. It was a horrible year for my garden, so I am a slave to canning any and everything as soon as it’s ripe. Yesterday, it was the marinara I’ve perfected after 20 years and I’m going to share the […]

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Love at first bite.

I dated a lazy hippie for 7 years. He was delightfully entertaining, but perpetually broke. He was pretty & funny… and when you’re a divorcee in your twenties, that’s enough. Not so much in your thirties. He was still cute, but aged rapidly in a smoky haze, and his stoned view on life was boring. I was sick of paying his way and sick of being ignored while he talked […]

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