Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…

Day 2: Discuss your current relationship.

Just the word “relationship” gives me hives. I have zero interest in any that resemble one I’ve had before. I have been exceedingly single for the past 6 years and I’m slightly afraid that I won’t ever want to belong to another human being again.  Confession: Do you know what I have now? A girlfriend.  I should introduce her a little, since you read all about the bad men I […]

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Day 1: 20 random facts about me.

I spend more on yarn than makeup. Always will. While I realize that I should probably care more about learning how to make myself pretty.. I just don’t care AT ALL. I’d rather be ugly, with mittens. I apologize for everything. It makes one of my sisters yell at me… and you should hear her flip out when I apologize to her for her being mad at me for apologizing. […]

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30 Days of Nonsense

I hate dating. I admit it. I’m a relationship girl. I’d rather fast forward to the sleeping in his t-shirt and making him coffee part… the beginning stages are not my cup of tea. Sidenote: I sleep in my favorite guy’s shirt. Perhaps that’s why I am not at all inclined to try to work myself into a more agreeable one. Part of the magical beauty of him is that […]

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Left on Read

I don’t mean to… honestly I don’t. I read the messages when they chirp in. I just don’t remember to respond for a while… or ever. The first sign of stalking, the first inappropriate comment or out of context proposition, or after receiving an unsolicited dick pick… I ghost them all. I don’t mean to be rude, but if I’m already feeling disrespected or annoyed, I’m done talking. That whole […]

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The Heathen

I get myself into these messes. I’m aware of that. I figured I should admit that now before I torment you with the details of another wild date. Kevin is the little brother of an old friend of mine. She’s been actively trying to set us up for years and I had a weak moment and agreed to dinner. My time off did not result in the evening I wanted […]

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