Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…

Mr. Tinder

I was sick with nerves by the time 6 o clock rolled around yesterday. I don’t know why, but first dates cripple me. I’m incredibly shy by nature and first dates always feel like a glorified job interview. My little sister came to babysit the Dumpling and hugged me tightly. S- I know you’re nervous, but don’t be! You’re a beautiful, funny, strong and successful woman. It’s really brave and […]

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First date hesitation.

Since I gave Mr. Tinder my number, I’ve woken up to great stuff. Funny stories he thinks I might like, updates about the political debates and pictures of him out hiking somewhere wonderful. Daily good morning wishes, frosted with a compliment or three. I never text him first…. or last for that matter. He responds instantly any time I do. I remember now how to play all these dumb games […]

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I’m smug and satisfied today. I don’t appreciate being toyed with and this situation has left me sleepless, hung over and fucking pathetic. I’ve been swimming in self pity and sadness and have earned a few nicknames of my own… nevermind the dozen pounds I’ve tacked on lately trying to swallow the lump in my throat. I finally fucked him out of my system like I desperately needed to and […]

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Apologize like a man.

I’ve hurt myself trying to get over him. Not intentionally, but as a result of the endless search for a coping mechanism that actually works. I can’t find anything that will ease the soul-crushing craving I have for him. My Tinder list of boys is nothing but a bunch of glorified stunt doubles that bore me to tears. The most recent being the most similar, but I can still barely […]

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Damn, Gina….

Oh boy… I’ve really stepped in it this time. In the midst of crying my heart out for the umpteenth time over too many cocktails, I bestowed a two day hangover unto myself. I also ended up with Tinder and a hot new lineup of stunt doubles that look embarrassingly similar to the man I can’t shake. I sent the favorite to Anthony and he responded immediately. A- Oh shit. […]

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