Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…

The age of disrespect

Everywhere you go, you have the misfortune of seeing how truly disrespectful our society has become. Everything from: The spoiled brat The philandering spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or parent. The pet owner that doesn’t spay or neuter The church that spends 10 million dollars building a monstrosity that is guaranteed to irritate the neighborhood with their Wal-Mart style parking lot that boasts a light pole every 5 feet. The ignorant neighbor […]

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Inaction…or saving your sanity 101

I admit I am a control freak. I’ll even go one step further and admit that I can be inflexible. Consequently, I have pretty much hassled my children into being fantastic little people. I’m guaranteed passable behavior, and at the very least, can count on them not to embarrass me publicly. They’re 12 and 7, so I figure that’s pretty much the norm by the time they’re that old, right? […]

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The pampered child…

I’ve been reading a lot of Alfred Adler lately. Mainly to shore up my resolve that its irresponsible to pamper your children. It’s not really something I ever questioned, but in being around a “pamperer”, it causes all sorts of headaches, raises questions and worst of all, encourages insecurities in my previously secure children. I love and snuggle them both, don’t get me wrong. The difference being that I’ve taught […]

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Browsing through blogs today (with an angry toothache coming from a tooth scheduled for extraction) I came upon this: “Tucked away in picture frames, hidden in a box I kept you safely from me. Yet star-lit eyes seemed to grin like demons as I discovered my forgotten treasure. There you were, as if I had never left you. There you were, as if everything were the same. Quickly, I brushed […]

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Weddings…and other huge mistakes :)

Do we really need another study done that shows how marriage shortens a woman’s life? I believe in the idea…hell I tried it once. I love the notion of “Happily ever after”, I am a product of the Disney generation after all. I’d even be willing to go so far as to say I could convince you to agree with me. As modern and progressive as I consider myself to […]

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