Behold… the perfect crazy date.

I don’t even know where to start, other than to walk you down the same path I took to find Josh.

I logged in to check the latest onslaught of email in internet dating world.

Weird old guy, weird old guy, 21 year old frat boy, crazy dad of 7 again, creepy guy from Venezuela again, and Josh.

“you look so sexy and you have a wild side just waiting to come out.I can see it in your eyes.let go and have fun!Josh”

Attached is a picture of him with his wife & two kids… as in babies. WTF?

I click on his profile, knowing a good crazy crackpot when I sense one… and up pops his profile. ooooh yes… we have a winner.

My self-summary
recently reunited with my wife and soooo happy! this site has definatly shown me how lucky i am to have a real woman.Yes we both believe a man can have more than one wife but it must be from God and not us.And to all you feminists who love to send me hate mail just stop.If a man can only have one wife then i suppose you condem half the women in the world to never being married or having children since the statistics show us that there are two women born on earth for every one man.I guess in your mind they are shit out of luck!Not to mention that almost every man in the bible had more than one wife.Im not christian but if you are then how do you explain that?

What I’m doing with my life

I am currently writing a book on theology.I went to school for cosmetology but haven’t got my license in montana yet since the hours are more than colorado where i just moved from.I also do construction and ceramic tile for extra cash.I love to play guitar for fun and would like to start up a band again.

See? You can’t make this shit up- it’s this funny. This dude can dye my hair, fill my nails and save my soul, on a first date?

All in the hopes I may end up a sister wife to an unemployed polygamist.

And they say all the good men are taken…


This should be interesting.