30 Days of Truth, Day 15

30 Days of Truth, Day 15- Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

The past few years haven’t been a cakewalk. Understatement #8092. Living a hundred miles below the poverty line with the aimless jobless boat stealing asshole (I’ve gotten a request to not refer to him as a hippie, as it’s offensive to the hippies & I figure the assholes are a group I don’t mind offending) and being estranged from my family.

I didn’t see or speak to my mother for over 2 years.Consequently? I was miserable. My family is everything to me- and though she drives me insane sometimes, her absence was far worse. My mom and I are a lot alike, and she knows better than anyone what is important to me & what I love. Holidays without her where horrible, and I fell out of love with Christmas after the second one that didn’t include her. Being an orphan doesn’t sit well with me. It wasn’t just lonely- it ruined every tradition that I treasure about the holidays, birthdays, etc. My mom truly appreciates my cracky crafty ADHD. She loves my cashmere bunnies more than anyone. She buys the stuff I make because she loves it. I can always justify making something new because I know at least my mom will love it.

She’s my head cheerleader- and I can’t help but have faith in myself when she’s around because she has an endless supply of confidence in me. She’s my mommy, and I missed her desperately.

So even though it’s been a rough month- and the water line broken in my yard resulted in a $1700 water bill (I know- I’ve already cried about it) it’s all ok. It’s all manageable. I can get it fixed- get things paid off- etc… and it all feels possible, because I have my family and my friends… and my life is complete again.

Not to mention asshole-free.