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I miss dating like it was when I was in junior high. No caller ID, no Facebook, no cell phones. It really was a blissful time to grow up and learn how to fall in love. Your heart raced every time the phone rang and you answered with every cell in your body on edge, praying to every saint you could remember, that it was your crush. When it actually […]

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Sweet 16,000

I realized this morning that my blog has been viewed over 16,000 times. I have a few different reactions to that… Panicked… since you’ve read along with me accepting my PHD, learning that I should avoid my favorite beverage, actually I’ve learned the Goose lesson a few times in the last few year. Here… and yet again. I told you,  I never learn the easy way. Isn’t the hard way […]

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If I wanted a puppy…I’d buy one.

It’s the college edition of internet dating. The young ones are out in full force today. Brace yourselves. You can tell school’s out and the boys need something to do… bless their hearts. Searching I love Sandpoint and you sound like a cool girl. I don’t fit your age specs but give me a chance? The guy is 23 years old. Twenty three. Lord Have Mercy. No. and then I […]

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