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Religiously Strange.

I truly hoped I was prepared for my date tonight with the African Wild Game Hunter. Who just so happens to be 5′ 2:”. At the very, very most. I’ve begun to wonder if I can have my loser magnet surgically removed. When the first thing your date says to you is “How do you feel about our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ?” Where the F do you go from […]

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The Pretentious, The Elderly, and The Vertically Challenged.

Ahhh yes. The creepy guys I’ve learned to block in this whole internet dating adventure.  The snotty/snobby/spoiled boys, the dirty old men, and every single man in the tri-state area under 5’5″. I’ve decided to let them speak for themselves, since I could never compete with these emails 🙂 1. HOW YOU DOIN??? How is life in Sandpoint today? I was just there last Sunday. I landed at the airport […]

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Internet dating 101…

A few warnings, perhaps? At the very least, let me save you from the terrific fun I’ve had so far 🙂 1. Don’t do it. For heavens sakes go out and meet someone in person that you fall madly and deeply in love with, then live happily ever after. Please. For those of us that have succumbed to the horror that is internet dating- do it the old fashioned way. […]

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