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Pasture Raised Whole Dressed Chicken

Our chickens are a healthier breed than traditional broilers.  They are a slower grower, are able to hold their own body weight and live well into breeding age.  They are fed a non gmo feed as well as fresh pasture where they are able to forage for grass, bugs and other parts of a natural chicken diet.  They are grown out for 10-11 weeks as opposed to the normal 8 weeks.  Whole birds average 4lbs.

Price $6/lb


Kunkune Piglets:

Brown and white Boar DOB 4/25/21


more litters coming End of 2021



Pullets available of various breeds and ages $25 and up most are laying or 6-8 weeks out from laying.

Roosters available of various breeds $20


Cayuga Ducks:

3 ducks and 5 drakes available $30 each



Farm Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs